Rogaska Slatina

Rogashka SlatinaGeology has made the northeastern part of the country rich with spas, with Rogaska Slatina being perhaps its most prominent site.
Rogaska Slatina is a municipality in Slovenia.
It is famous for its mineral water, spa and crystal glass.
In Terme Rogaska the tradition intertwains with the architecture of hotels, the present intertwains with the past, and the active recreation intertwains with relaxation.
Rogaska Slatina is a surprising place which has been visited for centuries by seekers of a good state of health and beneficial effects of a unique mineral water with its minerals, especially magnesium. Beside the springs, underneath the picturesque mountain chain of Boch spreads a kind touristic and health resort town which conquers its visitor instantly with its classicial park, mighty buildings which are filled with a touch of the health resort's tradition and promise an experience of excellence. The beauty of life here is connected with the waters and also with the nobility of the cups that hold it. Namely the town is also famous for its glazier tradition and word renowned crystal products. Numerous cultural events especially promenade concerts and concerts of popular and classical music, increase the attractive quality of the town even more. There are numerous possibilities for walks and recreation in the town and its surroundings.
The foundation stone of this exemplary health center in Rogaska Slatina was laid in the Middle Ages; this is documented by the Latin dedication of the landlord on the side of the fountain intended for patients.
The development of the health resort is linked with aristocratic names and crowned heads, and from the 17th century on, with science. At that time, a monograph was published with an analysis of Rogaska’s mineral water written by a Maribor doctor of physics, Johann B. Grundel. History is a wise teacher.
Today, the Rogaska Health Resort is a synonym for top quality, and here even the most demanding guests are satisfied. At the same time, Rogaska Slatina encourages the development of the study of mineral waters and still plays a leading role in this field in Slovenia.
The Pavilion, rising like a crown above the well of unique, unusually rich in magnesium “Donat Mg” mineral water, is the energy center of the health resort. Classicism goes hand in hand with Art Nouveau and the latter with modernity; old ways of healing through drinking the mineral water are joined by a modern approach, as holistic as possible, to the strengthening and renewal of health, primarily in the field of digestive and metabolic diseases.

Natural healing resources, indications
  • "Donat Mg", a mineral water of exceptional quality;
  • thermal water;
  • prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation for diseases of the digestion system and metabolism diseases (diabetes, increased fat level in the blood, excess body weight);
  • treatment of managerial diseases and psychosomatic ailments;
  • physiotherapy, kinesiotherapy, drinking cures;
  • diagnostic department;
  • ayurveda center;
  • beauty center with classical, herbal, and medical cosmetics, esthetic plastic surgery;
  • dental studio;
  • special feature: holistic approach and diverse offer, numerous specialists in one establishment - gastroenterologists, balneologists, cardiologist, interns, psychiatrists, clinical psychologists, varicologist, dermatologist, urologist, gynecologist, specialist in esthetic plastic surgery.

Recreation and Relaxation

  • pools with thermal mineral water;
  • saunas, solariums, and fitness studio;
  • fitness trail and sports field;
  • mini-golf, bowling, and boules;
  • indoor and outdoor tennis courts;
  • squash court;
  • golf course;
  • bicycling;
  • hiking;
  • promenade concerts, dance and music evenings;
  • theatre performances, graphics museum;
  • casino.

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