RadenciOn the margins of the Pannonian Plain, in the green landscape of wheat fields and winegrowing hills along the Mura River, the Radenci Health Resort developed with the rich gifts of nature.
Mineral water was discovered here in distant 1833 by Karel Henn, a student of medicine. After a thorough analysis of the water, he returned to Radenci as a renowned doctor in 1869 where he bottled the first “Radenska Three Hearts” mineral water; our water was later supplied to the Emperor’s court in Vienna and to the Pope's palace in Rome. In 1882, the first guests were welcomed to the Radenci Health Resort.
In July of 1996, the new “Thermal Paradise” section was opened (ten outdoor and indoor pools), linked with the physiotherapy ward and all the hotels by an enclosed walkway.
The Banovci spa is only thirteen kilometers from Ljutomer and is known to our guests primarily for its regular and naturist campgrounds and its new hotel and apartment colony.
Banovci’s thermal water springs from a depth of 1700 meters with a temperature of 60°C to 68°C.

RadenciNatural healing resources, indications

  • mineral water naturally rich in carbon dioxide;
  • hydrogen carbonate thermal mineral water, 41°C;
  • freshwater mud with high sulphur content;
  • beneficial microclimate with an average of 253 sunny days a year;
  • treatment of heart and circulatory diseases, kidney and urinary tract diseases, rheumatic diseases and disorders of the locomotor system, and metabolic diseases;
  • therapies: mineral drinking and bathing cures, thermal mineral baths, freshwater mud compresses.

Recreation and Relaxation

  • thermal spa with a system of ten swimming pools with a total surface area of 1,460 m2 and temperatures from 28°C to 37°C, with plain and thermal water, whirlpools, underwater massage, water stream, Kneipping pool, waterfalls, and an Olympic pool in the health resort park;
  • saunas (Finnish, Turkish, infra, herbal sauna, tepidarium), solarium, fitness studio, fitness trail;
  • ayurveda center (Indian ayurveda massages and nutrion);
  • tennis hall with three courts and four outdoor courts, sports hall, ball games, mini-golf, children’s playground, bowling, beach volleyball, windsurfing on nearby lakes;
  • bicycling, rafting on the Mura River, hunting, and fishing;
  • cultural and entertainment events (Festival of Modern Chamber Music, exhibitions in art galleries and the Radenci Museum), traditional dances (Night of Sparkling Wine), folklore events, chess and bridge tournaments, “Three Hearts” Marathon, bicycling marathon;
  • hiking.

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