Montecatini Terme

MontecatiniA summer resort, Montecatini is a wealthy and popular watering-hole lying at the foot of the Pistoian mountains. The baths and spas date back to the fourteenth century and nowadays there are nine fully-functioning 'terme' spread around the town.
Elegant, peaceful and relaxing, they make for perfect resting places. Enjoy a glass of enriched water, or take the plunge for the full treatment ... you'll be in illustrious company. Previous visitors include Rossini, Verdi, Princess Grace, Orson Welles, Clark Gable, Douglas Fairbanks and assorted European royalty. Verdi was particularly taken, searching for eternal youth each year for 25 years.
The suburbs ain't much, but the centre and the Parco delle Terme are delightful, and if designer shopping is your bag (Prada, natch) then you're in for a treat. The Terme Tettucio is perhaps the most famous and is typical of the town's belle-epoque ambience. Built in the style of Imperial Rome, it lies a few minutes walk from the delightful funicular railway that will take you up to Montecatini Alto.
MontecatiniMontecatini Terme is situated at the outern limits of the Appenines, west of the Serravalle Pistoiese and it occupies the central part of the Valdinievole. Montecatini is a city that from the beginning has expanded around its major richness. The thermal waters sprang up spontaneously from the ground. The entire structure of the city has been organized in such a way that it is in complete harmony with nature, this way the visitors of Montecatini can relax, walking along the streets or in the parks that surround the 9 thermal resourts: Tettuccio, Excelsior, Regina, Salute, Tamerici, Redi,
Torretta, Leopoldine and Grocco. The presence of a number of famous persons also added to the luster of Montecatini Terme: Verdi, Rossini, Leoncavallo, Puccini and Mascagni. The waters of Montecatini Terme are mainly beneficient for the liver and the digestive system. The park of the Panteraie, although it does not make part of the spas has been created around a "life route" (guided gym excercises in the park), medical walks, a bar service and restaurant. Montecatini is a tourist city that offers many recreational possibilities. For those who love sport or who love to attend sport-activities, it is the ideal place while its facilities are of a great variety: from the race-course where international competitions are being held, to bow-shooting, golf and mainly basketball. For those who adore shopping however, Montecatini has a wide variety of shops. From the artisan corner-shop till the prestigeous boutique. Montecatini can guarantee you evening recreation, one can you to restaurants where the mot delicious typical tuscan dishes are being served, one can listen to life music and go to discotheque.
In Montecatini you can also take the funicular railway that connects Montecatini Terme with Montecatini Alto., an ancient village that dates from the year 1000. The funicular railway has been created in 1850, is still functioning perfect, and has a characteristic style thanks to the use of the original cars and wooden interior. Montecatini Alto offers the possibility to its viitors for a walk in an ancient village and at the same time offering all the conveniences of a modern city.

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