Welcome to us!
Yakov Tseitlin - President


Welcome to us!

Anyone can book a vacation over the Internet. So why call us?

We have experience that you can rely on.

We can help you find not only the cheapest flight, but the most convenient one. We can see all the alternatives at a glance.

We can help you understand restrictions and fees that could cost you money later if you need to change your plans.

When you call Free Wind Travel, you will talk to a friendly, professional travel consultant, someone who can help you make the arrangements you need, whatever they may be:

  • business meetings
  • visas
  • your honeymoon
  • a ticket for a championship soccer match in Brazil
  • skiing in the Italian Alps
  • a thermal spa for treatments to restore your health

We help you fulfill your dreams within your budget.

We know East and West, North and South.We are exceptionally good at providing travel services for Europe, Russia and the Middle East.

Our clients know that our service does not end when the tickets are delivered to their door. They call us whenever their travel plans go awry. They know we will stand by them in difficulties.

For your convenience, our travel consultants speak English, Russian and Armenian.


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Lana Markarian

Natasha Galkin
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